Businesses startup, grow, shrink, merge, divest and shutdown in all sizes, shapes and ways. The one thing all businesses, regardless the stage of development, have in common is an existing or growing dependence on computing technologies to operate and conduct business with other businesses. With computers and higher Information Technology being at the core of nearly everything businesses rely on in today’s connected world, is your business properly equipped to be as efficient and economical in the digital and electronic world?

There are always new, re-emerging or recently-“evolved” technologies trending. Buzz phrases such as “move to the cloud” or “virtualize your servers” are only a couple you have likely heard. Maybe you are reading about “Internet of Things” or “SaaS” in tech news articles. Do you know what these mean to you and your business? Perhaps all of the recent conversation about security vulnerabilities and emerging cyber threats caught your attention. How do you know if your business is protected?

If you are an established business with a foundation of existing technologies, how relevant or appropriate and how much effort is it to implement these trends to your specific business needs for today and in to the future? If you are a new business or an existing business making your first real move towards a technology solution as part of your business operation, should you opt to adopt all these new trending technologies?

Answering questions like these about your business is the single most important first project that must be completed before making any decisions about changing or implementing technologies. The challenge many businesses often encounter, regardless size, is an existing problem, issue or limitation that needs resolution. Usually, with a strong motivation to just fix it and worry about the new consequences later, unveiled decisions may be made that can make your problems worse instead of better.

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