Black Lives Matter


carpasean’s statement on death of George Floyd


Social, economic, and racial injustice in America hit a tipping point when Black American George Floyd was killed by forcible restraint at the knee of a White American police officer in Minneapolis last month. We also remember the deaths of Ahmud Aubrey and Breonna Taylor. Before and after George Floyd, there have been too many deaths of Black Americans by white law enforcement. The deaths follow with too many excuses and too few actions.

Right now, in this moment, White Americans are an attentive and captivated audience. We’ve been here before though. How many times in our past has America made some limited progress in racial equity only to have White Americans become complacent and stop making change? Please visit Medium and read our story on racial injustice.

Every American has the right to assemble and to demonstrate in order to express their voice with the first amendment right to free speech. carpasean stands with Black America and affirms Black Lives Matter. While we condemn the looting, violence, and criminality, we understand the emotion and rage. We fully support peaceful protests and demonstrations. carpasean recognizes not every law enforcement officer is a direct danger to Black Americans. But, we do stand against police brutality and racially influenced police action. We call on all law enforcement personnel to call out and stand against their fellow officers that are a threat to black lives and gaining social equity.

We are at a moment in time that our next steps may be the difference between our society’s eternal survival or its ultimate demise. We call on you to join us in making a difference. Stand firm with Black Americans and say that the time for change is past due but not too late.

Team carpasean asks that you join the fight against social, economic, and racial injustice to Black Americans. If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask us, reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce, or open a dialogue with a black co-worker, fellow church member, or neighbor.

Can we count on you? Can you count on you?

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