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Technology Mentoring

One of the most important things a business can do for their technology is to maintain and support it. For small businesses, that may often be through the use of outside service providers such as carpasean and our ecosystem of partners. As businesses get larger, there becomes a point when it may be smarter for them to take on more of their own technology support and maintenance. Every engagement with every customer is completely custom, but we are firm believers that the more you are able to do for yourself, the better off you are.
Technology mentoring is built into every service we provide a customer. We help you mature and become as self-sufficient as you can and want to be.


Yes, you read that right. You are a business that suddenly found itself in the uncomfortable circumstance of having to provide technology to your industry. But that doesn’t mean your business must become a technology company. It is far better, at least initially, if you can continue do what you do best: your business. Our white label solution includes everything from design to build and from build to implementation. We even provide maintenance, management, and support.
Our solutions are not cookie cutter, but they are efficiently built. With stable underlying platforms and management methodologies, we design, develop, and operate your solution to be as unique as your business and the needs of the application.

Technology Internship Program

carpasean has a devoted passion to help the next generation of professionals learn, grow, and thrive. Sadly, we are not able to get to every sprouting individual ourselves. The secret to a successful internship program is that the job the intern is doing be real and meaningful. Small businesses do not have a lot of money to spend on constant rehiring, but establishing a good relationship with community colleges and some universities can be very fruitful.
We want to help your small business develop an internship program that will bring fresh perspective and understanding to your organization and give a student something more useful than just textbooks and mundane clerical work for their permanent employer.

Customer Engagement Remediation

Focused exclusively at technology providers, especially those that operate on a direct customer engagement basis, we can help turn failing engagements around. Even if you’ve had hundreds of successful engagements and happy customers, eventually we all have that one customer or that one project that just didn’t turn out the way we wanted. The most important thing you can do to prevent it from becoming a failure is to learn to listen and to grow from the experience.
We specialize in relationships and want to help your technology business be the best it can be. Customer service is often one of the best differentiators to make you stand apart from the competition. If you have a customer engagement, or some other aspect of your business, that is holding you back from being the best, let us help you. We don’t judge, but we can give a swift kick when needed and at minimum provide fresh perspective and serve as an unbiased liaison to your customers.

Microsoft Partner Practice Mentoring

Are you a Microsoft Partner? If so, you know how loaded that question is. We offer specialized services specifically to our fellow Microsoft Partner practices. The MPN is massive and has way more resources than one person (or business) could ever hope to fully understand, even us. But, we’ve been doing this a while and have built relationships within Microsoft as well as across the entire Microsoft Partner Network. There is just too much Microsoft for them to do it all themselves or even for us to do as much as we really want. Partner-to-partner relationships are an amazing opportunity for your practice to grow. We want to help you tap your fullest potential and go where you want to go.

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