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We work with small & mid-market businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to tens of thousands ensuring your technology is working for you. Whether you have IT professionals on staff or not, we can help. If you are struggling to optimize your business, we’ve got your back.

We are business technology strategists helping businesses make their mark in local communities and around the globe. We guide you to find and use the right business-oriented technology solutions to bridge the gap between humans and computers to develop your optimal people-first modern workplace.

Artificial Intelligence – Are you thinking about artificial intelligence? Does it scare your workers? Your business can modernize and optimize without losing the humanity that makes your business different from its competitors. We’ll help you and your employees learn to use it AI and machine learning in ways that make the team more efficient.

Stay up to date with the latest technology to make your employees’ jobs easier and create innovative approaches to empower your team to succeed.

Improve Your Business Journey with Efficiency and Productivity


Small and mid-sized customers often find themselves in an unplanned situation needing technology but not knowing where to start.
Small businesses often focus on one problem at a time. As they grow, the individual solutions become a new problem. Eventually businesses have to focus on their technology as a complete solution and need to transform their existing piece-meal jumble into a coordinated process. Our experts focus on your unique business and work with you to strategize a plan to make order of the chaos.
Maybe your industry has even begun offering SaaS (subscription based cloud software) solutions to address specific needs. It can be difficult to find a specialized team to help design, build, deploy, maintain, and manage custom software. Our custom software and SaaS solutions enable your business to outsource the work and effort as little or as much as you need, all while white-labeling the product. We do the work of being a technology business so your team can continue to focus on being your business all while your customers stay yours.

You need to:

  • stay focused on what you do best: your business.
  • be able to innovate and be compettiveve to stay ahead of your competition.
  • differentiate yourself without having to become a technology or software company.

No matter the problem in your business, if technology is involved we can help. Our decades of hands-on experience will help your business differentiate itself and just maybe empower you to innovate and disrupt your industry.

ISV, MSP, Service Providers

ISVs, MSPs, and other service providers in the technology space are tech savvy but need an advisor to help maximize their customers engagement experiences. Our specialized management services will let you focus on the innovation of your technology while we help you optimize delivery to customers, transition less than ideal customer engagements into a positive testimonial instead of a failed implementation and burned bridge, and guide you through modernization of well-established on-premise systems to the public cloud. Function at the top of your game and make the most of your skillset while outsourcing distracting business aspects to us.

We are a very unique technology partner. Our passion is with relationships and business. Technology is merely a tool to get you there. carpasean has a long history of collaborating with other technology companies like yours because we believe a job is done best by the best people to do the job. We are brand-agnostic business technology professionals in a Microsoft dominated world. What does that mean? It means that while Microsoft is a great foundation, it doesn’t have a solution to every problem, and when it does offer a solution it isn’t always the correct solution. We believe in delivering the correct solution which isn’t always us or you. Our technology management is offered to SMB and technology companies from a perspective of what is right for your business not what is right for us or Microsoft. 

Microsoft Partners

We all know that Microsoft is ubiquitous and possibly the most recognized brand in the world. Microsoft Windows runs on more business computers than any other desktop operating system. While a partnership with Microsoft can be very rewarding, it isn’t easy and demands constant monitoring. We understand; we are a Microsoft Partner ourselves. We can help you manage your Microsoft relationship or work with you on the business strategy. If you are struggling to maximize your value as a Microsoft Partner or looking for help to guide your business, carpasean wants to be your trusted mentor and advisor.

We can help your Microsoft Partnership practice differentiate itself from the competition and drive your value proposition higher, and we are quick to partner with other companies for their specialized work. If you’re a Microsoft Partner, we want to connect with you and see how we can help each other in customer projects.

carpasean strongly believes every Microsoft Partner should join the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners ( and become an active participant in their local chapter or the virtual chapter. A Microsoft Partnership isn’t about fighting the competition; it is about differentiating your specialized abilities and collaborating with other specialized practices that can provide a complete and appropriate solution to customers. Microsoft-based technology stacks can be both tall and wide, IAMCP will give you an ecosystem of qualified and engaged professionals that could make the difference between delivering a winning solution to a prospect or having to pass up on an opportunity.

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