Belonging: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

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carpasean is a small business currently with fewer than 1team members. Each team member is an essential element of our success, and it is important that everyone feels they belong. Every member of Team carpasean has a voice, we want them to share that voice, and we do all we can to ensure that voice is heard. We are a business made of people, and people are not perfect. As a team, we continually work on improving and always remember the best way to lead is by exampleEvery opportunity to grow our team is an opportunity to expand our understanding of the world by finding talented individuals different than ourselves that will bring unique and fresh ideascarpasean strives to be a business every organization can look up to as a role model for belonging! 

carpasean is part of a family of companies that are majority owned by our founder Christopher Cost, a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Our core value system is based on inclusion and integrity. Conversations around diversity, equity (and equality), and inclusivity are often difficult, but they are essential to the growth and health of business and society. By focusing our efforts on creating a workplace that is inclusive, we are building a growing diversity where everyone is treated equal regardless their diversity story. If any member of our team feels they do not belong, then it is a problem all of us must work together to resolve. 

It should go without saying that every life matters. Sadly, as a global society and a greater business community there is still a lot of work to do. Bias, prejudice, and bigotry are real. Discrimination is real. Individuals and groups are marginalized on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. The collective voice of Team carpasean proclaims that it is past time to make some real change and to keep at it!  

carpasean is committed to contributing to a better worldAll our services are provided with inclusivity as a priority. All our solutions are designed, documented, built, and implemented for inclusivity. In addition to our internal inclusive policies, we are also devoted to working with individuals, customers, vendors, and partners that share in a spirit of inclusivity. Everyone is on the journey. Some are further along on the path while others are still a bit behind.  

carpasean is regularly involved in the business and local communities to tell Team carpasean’s diversity story and make our voice for belonging heard. We have a representative serving on the following committees, boards, and organizations:

International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners 
Americas Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Christopher Cost, IAMCP Americas D&I Chair
Christopher Cost, DFW Chapter D&I Chair  

Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Christopher Cost, committee member (and Member Representative to this chamber)  

North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Christopher Cost, Member Representative 

Diversity Profile*  


Caucasian 67% 
Non-Caucasian 33% 

Gender Expression 

Male  67% 
Female  33% 
Other**  0% 

 Inclusivity Groups 

LGBTQ+  17% 
Immigrant  33% 
Other**  0% 

 Employment Status 

Owner/Officer  33% 
Full Time  34% 
Part Time/Other  33% 

*Diversity profile current as of June 1, 2020. 

**Based on information voluntarily provided by our team members.  

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