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Modern Workplace

A modern workplace is an inclusive workplace that considers culture and empathy where technology is a tool to help humankind do the job better. Your employees are the most important asset you have, second is data.
Every technology decision should be a people-first decision to optimize and improve the experience and enjoyment your team has working with technology that neither replaces nor shackles them.
We can help your company adopt collaboration, analytics, and other tools that are inclusive of disabilities, language, and more to create an environment of belonging.

Cloud Migration

Lift-and-shift and rearchitecting on-premise technologies to a public cloud can be a daunting process. The decision of which public cloud is best for you is sometimes the most challenging step.
From start to finish, we help businesses and technology companies modernize their data application solutions and legacy infrastructure to be scalable, secure, and reliable on the correct cloud with the correct services and geographic implementations.

Modern Security

As cyberattacks become more frequent and more difficult to detect, protecting a business, its data, and customers/employees/partners requires a multi-facet and multi-vector approach that can evolve dynamically.
Multi-factor authentication, biometrics, and facial recognition technologies have been around for a while but when acting together or with other procedures and methods, risks can be significantly decreased and mitigates intrusion and breach.

Business Process Optimization

As companies adopt new technologies and move into feature-rich modern solutions that include AI,machine learning, data culture, and built-in collaboration, we help businesses and solution providers to review the underlying business process. At the time of migrating from file system to SharePoint or from an existing on-premise SharePoint Server to Azure-backed SharePoint Online is the best opportunity to ensure the processes, workflows, and automation is as modern and up to date as the technology you’re using.

AI + Machine Learning

So many misconceptions or misrepresentations of our current AI leads to fears around artificial intelligence. However, using AI with some basic machine learning can significantly improve the performance and productivity of a business.
Imagine going from constantly refreshing data in spreadsheets or analyzing KPIs on a dashboard to programming in the parameters for a business question and having a real-time answer provided with each new input, based on the entire history of all prior inputs.

Business Apps/Enterprise Solutions

As technology innovation has continued, software systems once reserved for only the largest of businesses are becoming more common in small and medium businesses. CRM is always an obvious choice, but General Ledger, Inventory Management, and Supply Chain solutions are all valid for small businesses too. But, beyond QuickBooks and other stand alone solutions, there is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centrals and so many more. Which one is right for your business?

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