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As your existing server and storage technology ages or your business outgrows them, there are decisions around new capital expenses to refresh the equipment or move to an OpEx approach with subscription-based cloud solutions.
Building new or expanding existing public cloud solutions for scalability, elasticity, redundancy, and geographic considerations may even open questions about hosting on multiple clouds. These decisions are massive and once made can be very costly to undo. We work with your business to match up experts that can ensure your confidence in making the correct decision the first time.

Server/Workload Backup/Recovery

While businesses continue to have on-premise storage and migrate data and workloads to the cloud, it is easy to overlook investing in a backup solution. Many businesses don’t even realize that the information stored in the cloud needs to have a backup plan.
Our holistic audit of your on-premise and cloud infrastructure, workloads, and storage will help your businesses or technology company understand the correct type of backup and recovery strategy that is needed.

Server/Storage Clustering and High Availability

Microsoft HyperV, VMware, or other virtualized and cloud-based server solutions along with SAN and redundant storage systems all come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Database Management Systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL all have enterprise-grade clustering and synchronization features.
When your business needs a reliability level guaranteeing system uptime and performance, clustering and high availability features are a must.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures

One of the most complicated aspects of a merger (after the acquisition details are finally settled) is getting two very differently designed and managed technology stacks to talk to one another and eventually become one. The skilled staff learning to work as one team can also be a challenge of its own. Divesting a part of your business is no easier.
Across two decades we have amassed much experience with our clients expansions and can help your business grow and merge (or shrink and separate) its technology footprint the least possible stress.

Budgeting/Multi-year Technology Planning

Perhaps one of the most important steps any business or technology company can make is to plan in advance for its technology needs. It is often skipped, however. We recommend a minimum three years but strongly advise a five-year plan. We also help businesses with as many as ten years of advanced planning.
The multi-year plan encompasses all equipment refreshes, warranties, licensing, services, and tries to predict inflation and contract increases. Staying on top of this requires an annual review, but we can also include a more frequent review of cashflow forecasting.

Remote Work

We live and work in a digital environment, and now many employees are working from home. With unsupervised workers accessing critical data about your company and its customers, privacy and security are more important than ever. Understanding how to collaborate effectively from an isolated environment with others in equally isolating circumstances can lead to abuse and misuse of the tools.
carpasean has more than two decades of experience in telework, telecommuting, and remote working. Give us a chance to prove ourselves your trusted technology advisor for secure, safe, efficient, and easy people-first business solutions.

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